By geralt

A New QoE Fairness Index for QoE Management


The user-centric management of networks and services focuses on the Quality of Experience (QoE) as perceived by the end user. In general, the goal is to maximize (or at least ensure an acceptable) QoE, while ensuring fairness among users, e.g., in terms of resource allocation and scheduling in shared systems. A problem arising in this context is that the notions of fairness commonly applied in the QoS domain do not translate well to the QoE domain. We have recently proposed a QoE fairness index $F$, which solves these issues. In this paper, we provide a detailed rationale for it, along with a thorough comparison of the proposed index and its properties against the most widely used QoS fairness indices, showing its advantages. We furthermore explore the potential uses of the index, in the context of QoE management and describe future research lines on this topic.

Quality and User Experience 3:4, 2018 — Springer