No Silver Bullet: QoE Metrics, QoE Fairness, and User Diversity in the Context of QoE Management


Managing QoE is one of the most interesting direct applications of workable QoE models. Indeed, being able to predict how users perceive the quality of a service allows the service provider(s) to optimize its delivery, based on several possible criteria. It has been argued, however, that the MOS is illsuited for this type of application, and that different measures — e.g., rating distributions or quantiles — are better suited for the task. In this paper we build on these ideas by adding the notions of QoE fairness (as opposed to QoS fairness) and user diversity, and discuss how the choice of measures used, the importance of fairness, and how the variations between users can affect the optimal QoE management choices for service providers.

In proceedings of QoMEX 2017, Erfurt, Germany