By Arek Socha

Quality-Driven Optimal SLA Selection for Enterprise Cloud Communications


With the availability of cloud computing infrastructures, migrating business-critical functionality to public clouds is becoming commonplace. Cloud providers typically offer a variety of computing capabilities and pricing options. Therefore, the problem of selecting the ones that suit enterprise needs becomes critical. Our major focus is on the migration of enterprise communication services, such as IP-telephony, to the cloud. We design a tool to assist in optimally deciding among the set of available hosting and network connectivity Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) under Quality-of-Experience (QoE) and budget constraints. In particular, we propose a multi-objective optimization framework making use of application-specific QoE estimation tools to tackle with the conflicting objectives of price and quality and demonstrate its application to a cloud-based teleconferencing service as a case study.

In Proceedings of IEEE ICC / QoENAM 2014, Sydney, Australia.