By Captainzz

Network Quality Differentiation: Regional Effects, Market Entrance, and Empirical Testability


While for offline business models it is not seem necessary to reiterate the close relationship between quality and price, for Internet services the quality-based, i.e., Quality of Experience (QoE), and customer-centric pricing is non-trivial. As insufficient data exists today to successfully commercialise QoE, this paper collects the integral empirical Willingness-ToPay (WTP) data for the case of online video services. This work reproduces and extends a previous study in two dedicated campaigns in Austria and Finland. The campaigns study QoE and WTP related to Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). They also confirm or disprove previous studies, openly share the data, and provide empirical background information on the purchasing behavior of customers. Due to the testing at two locations, we can further first time study whether cultural or regional differences affect the purchasing behaviors of such services. Additionally this paper gives insights and updated methodological guidance on conducting future WTP studies.

In proceedings of IFIP Networking 2016, Vienna, Austria,