By peternguyen11

Meta-Modeling QoE — Towards a Generic Methodology for Building QoE Models


In this paper we propose a methodological framework for modeling Quality of Experience (QoE) for media services in a generic manner. We consider QoE as a multi-dimensional concept dependent on several factors related to the service itself, its resource requirements, its users, and its context of use. As a first step, we group these factors into four factor spaces and propose a mapping of them into a QoE space. We then focus on the application of this mapping in the context of networked media services by adhering to a layered approach for modeling QoE dimensions in relation to the aforementioned QoE-affecting factors. Such an approach facilitates understanding a service’s QoE as a composite function of the performance of the underlying network, and the actual service implementation, under constraints imposed by some of the QoE-affecting factors. In order to illustrate the applicability of the proposed methodology, we present a case study for mobile video.

In PIK - Praxis der Informationverarbeitung und -kommunikation, 37(4):265-274